My Current Favourite TV Shows

I thought I’d write a little post about some TV series I’ve been watching recently and absolutely loving! If any of you are struggling on what to watch then I definitely recommend the shows listed below.

The Musketeers
The last episode of The Musketeers literally aired last night, and I’m currently so upset it will be the last series as I absolutely loved this show. It had action, adventure, romance and drama all in one and the last episode was just a great finish to the whole show. There are three seasons altogether and they follow the lives of the four musketeers – Athos, portrayed by Tom Burke; Aramis, portrayed by Santiago Cabrera; Porthos, portrayed by Howard Charles and then d’Artagnan, portrayed by Luke Pasqualino. These musketeers are in charge of keeping Paris safe during King Louis XIII’s reign. Each season consists of one massive plot line which always involves the musketeers saving the day. Please, please watch this show – it is too good to miss!


New Blood
New Blood is another BBC drama that just finished a couple of weeks ago. It’s a crime drama that consists of three cases which are all solved by the same people; Stefan Kowalski portrayed by Mark Strepan and Rash Sayyid portrayed by Ben Tavassoli. Even though this show is really tense at times the humour between the two main characters is hilarious and they both make the show. Definitely worth the watch!


Now this show is currently showing it’s second season at the moment in the UK and is based on the James Patterson novel ‘Zoo’. The story is about how the animals begin to behave differently leading them to attack humans. The series follow a group of people who are responsible for figuring out how to prevent the animals from attacking. This series is really thrilling and filled with so much action so I’d definitely give it a go if that’s your kind of thing.

I literally binged the whole two seasons on Netflix within three weeks and they’ve just started filming a third season so I cant wait until it comes out! The storyline follows the life of a woman who is unfortunately turned into a zombie and has to survive by eating brains which she takes from the morgue she works at. However, these brains give her visions of the victim’s death; allowing her to help solve murder cases. It’s basically like a crime series but with zombies. And it’s also funny and I absolutely love the main character Liv who is portrayed by the actor Rose Mclver.


If any of you are now interested in watching these shows I have left the links to the trailers down below!





Thanks for reading!

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