Drawing Eleven from Stranger Things

So I’m pretty sure there are many many people out there who over the past few months have become obsessed with the series ‘Stranger Things’. This show is insane and I literally binged watched it on Netflix over two days. I mean it wasn’t that hard as there’s only about seven episodes in the series; but still it was seriously addicting. I definitely recommend it but I’m sure the majority of you have already heard about the show anyway as it is currently taking the world by storm.

I just love it so much; the 1980’s vibe; the characters; the plot; just everything! I especially love Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven. This is why I couldn’t resist drawing her from Stranger Things. I also loved the scene where Jonathan’s Mum goes a bit crazy and ends up painting the letters on the wall to try and get in touch with Will. That is probably one of my favourite scenes; which is why I added that as the background in my drawing.

Below is video of the drawing process so please please take a look and maybe like and subscribe? That would seriously mean a lot! 🙂

Video:  https://youtu.be/HSSOee1gwmQ

Instagram: @berylliumthorium

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