The 100 Trailer Talk

Okay, the latest 100 trailer was released a couple of weeks a go and oh my gosh am i excited for this season. Personally i did not like season 3 for a lot of reasons so i’m hoping season 4 will be better. First off this trailer is so cool like i love the music to it – the song in the trailer is ‘Blood in the Cut‘ by K.Flay. And like it just adds to the atmosphere and makes the whole trailer give off this ‘badass’ vibe. I LOVE IT.

So to be honest i’m literally just going to insert screenshots of the trailer and ramble on with some of my opinions. Enjoy! Oh and I linked the trailer below too 😉 .



Alright so erm what is Octavia doing? Like is she just chilling pretending to be dead…personally i think Octavia is going to have a rough season; ever since losing Lincoln she’s just like turned off her emotions – lol i sound like I’m talking about the vampire diaires – but seriously i feel that she is going to go crazy in this season and go on a mad killing spree or something. I’m scared. But excited.


For fs in the trailer it shows Bellamy looking like he’s in pain or getting tortured. But for goodness sake hasn’t he been hurt too much already?! Let’s just recap; end of season 2 Clarke bloody leaves him because she feels too guilty; then season 3 they get her back but no then she goes again which leaves Bellamy by himself. Again. This then makes him vulnerable and makes him turn to Pike – which fyi was a bad decision from the start – and ends up taking part in crimes that he probably should not have done to keep the peace… but let’s just forget about that bit. But then i think i recall him getting beat up by his own sister in season 3 too! Like not cool Octavia, not cool. So in conclusion I seriously hope this season is much kinder to him.


*Inserts this screenshot because it has Bellamy and Clarke together* ❤ #bellarke.


And also *inserts this one because Monty is being badass,* gotta love him.


And omg Jaspar, he had such a rough season 3 so i seriously hope season 4 treats him well. But it looks like it, i mean look at this photo, he has his tea and he’s all sorted. Lol.


Yes Clarke i agree. If any of the main characters die i will cry. I mean it could happen it’s not like this show is kind to their characters. (rip Lincoln and Finn). but like this bit makes me so happy; Clarke and Bellamy are back to working together again! One of the main reasons why i didn’t like season 3 was because Clarke and Bellamy spent so much time apart and what made me like the show from the start was when they worked together as leaders.


And lastly, this last scene was so cute. Best friend goals right there. I’m so glad Jaspar’s back.

Thanks for reading peeps xoxo

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