Golden Makeup Look

Hello lovely person reading this, I have finally had chance to post a new blog post and youtube video and I decided on doing a new makeup look as I haven’t done one in yearssss. I wear this makeup look quite a lot as it’s easy to do and makes my eyes stand out more. I am also loving the sleek eyeshadow palette I bought recently and so I thought I would include it in this vid.

Since getting into makeup around last year I can defo see the improvements when applying it on my face and honestly that makes me really happy, like i know it isn’t perfect at the moment but if I compare it to how I was doing it last year I can see the difference – and it’s a good difference. Like if I just think by the end of this year I will see more improvements and that makes me so happy. I’m getting there lol. Anyway here’s the video below and some photos of the look.

Thanks for reading xo





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