A Little Bit About Me

Beth18 ,

  // creative with constant random thoughts and aspirations. Feel free to check out my blog full of random talks and actual productive stuff. I’m really into art, music, films, books, TV series, makeup, clothes, space (omg i love space !!), food, quotes, etc etc and the list goes onnnnn. So my posts will legit be surrounding my interests, thoughts and hobbies. Anywayyy hope you enjoy reading my blog if you get a chance to!!

Enquiries || beryliumthorium@gmail.com
•\\ tumblr | http://beryliumthorium.tumblr.com
•// instagram | https://www.instagram.com/berylliumthorium/

// side note: the part of the blog where i’ve put random photos underneath the heading ‘my fave photos’ contains photos that i’ve literally found on tumblr so creds to tumblr, they are not my photos lol.